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Melaleuca Perfumeries

Gregory Day

In 2005 Picador published Gregory Day’s The

Patron Saint Of Eels and introduced the

southwestern world of Mangowak to a wider

readership. That book of course went on to

shortlist for the Commonwealth Writers Prize

and to win the Australian Literature Society

Gold Medal. But of course there is a prehistory

in both words and music dealing with the

Mangowak realm. Melaleuca Perfumeries is a

collection of short fictions, poems and

acrostics which previews and elaborates on

some of the atmospheres and characters later

explored in Day’s three Mangowak novels,

The Patron Saint Of Eels, Ron McCoy’s Sea of

Diamonds, and the lo-fi romp, The Grand


Handbound book with paint wash cover and

illustration by Sian Marlow. Printed on

Freelife Vellum. 162 pages. 16cm x 15cm.






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