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A Leopard's Kiss

Marisa Fazio

From the mountains of an ancient Sicilian village, to the

ornate cafes and lounges of Palermo...

From the humid North Queensland cane-fields, to a

Catholic convent in Melbourne’s north...

A Leopard’s Kiss entwines two dreamlike stories of change

and becoming. 

In a time of upheaval, Tomasi di Lampedusa, the last Prince

in a long and noble Sicilian line, endures the frustration and

joy of writing his famous novel, The Leopard, whilst nearby

a young couple farewell their home to settle in far-off


Beautifully written in a sparkling and poetic style,  A

Leopard’s Kiss provides a vivid new account of the pathos

of migration



Sian Marlow

Current work-in-progress Rejectamenta -

drawings in watercolour of imaginary seaweed

reflecting on the inherent beauty and

contradictions of Victorian classification

systems of nature, specifically William Henry

Harvey's Phycologia Australica.


Ampliphone XI- Thaark, Thoorr, Booneeya

Gregory Day